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The Big Picture for Lorge and Associates, Danville, California

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Kathy Lorge, Lorge and Associates CPA Firm, Danville, California
Kathy Lorge, CPA
& Founding Partner

We believe
the smallest
financial details
of a business can
often reveal big
picture solutions
for even the most complex
operational challenges.

Lorge & Associates
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A Financially Healthy And High Performing Business Is Built Upon Good Internal Controls...

Accountants are becoming more integral to their clients' decision-making processes than ever before. Business owners and managers, who typically don't understand the financial vulnerabilities and growth potential behind their numbers, often find it challenging to move their business forward.

Turning Ordinary Businesses Into Extraordinary Ones...

Too many CPA's think of numbers as an end in themselves...at Lorge & Associates, we are not only passionate about numbers in and of themselves, but how they relate to and influence the operational and big picture strategy of a company.

By gathering information from all over a company and capturing it on paper, we can often see an entire snapshot of a business...thereby turning ordinary businesses into extraordinary ones.

The Highest Professional Standards...

Whether helping you with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, or making recommendations to improve business processes, our high professional standards, diligence and work ethic, coupled with our 'Big Picture Perspective', can help your company improve and sustain profitability.



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